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Impulse: The Path to Home Electrification and Decarbonization

Impulse has emerged from stealth and is announcing their $20m Series A to reinvent home energy management. We are proud co-investors in their $5m Seed round, with our friends Lux Capital and Lachy Groom.

I can’t think of anything more foundational than how we power our homes and make the food we eat.

In the U.S., most of our home or our apartment is already electrified, but there is one key hold out: gas powered appliances. Traditionally, gas stoves are viewed as luxuries — high powered appliances to make your perfect sautés and steaks. Customers currently favor them, with a recent study showing 60% of California households prefer gas stoves. But they are bad for us and the air quality where we and our families live. Gas stoves elevate indoor nitrogen oxide levels beyond where they are safe for children, and, in the US, gas stoves emit 500,000 cars’ worth of carbon dioxide annually. And it is time for them to go.

Impulse has the solution. Impulse is building the highest performance induction stovetop with a jaw-dropping design. By integrating batteries, their product outperforms (across speed and evenness of heat delivery) both gas stoves and current induction stovetops. Most importantly, the inclusion of the batteries enables their stovetop to be powered by a standard 110V outlet meaning there is no need to upgrade a home’s electrical panel or wiring.

Sam D’Amico and the team at Impulse know a thing or two about killer hardware and design. He led the engineering team that brought multiple versions of Oculus to market. In the last year of working with Sam, we have found him to be relentless, fast-moving, and resourceful, with a keen and enviable product sense. Sam has brought together the right team with experience from Oculus, Apple, Amazon, Peloton, and more, to execute on this massive opportunity.

If you want to join on the ground floor to reinvent a space that hasn’t seen true product innovation in decades, Impulse is hiring for key roles across the organization.


Reach out if you are a founder transforming a foundational industry.